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Biomedical Engineer - (02315803)

Min Salary: $46000.00
Candidate Type: Full Time
Listed Date: 1/26/2016
Degree: Master of Science EngT
Resides in Shreveport LA and wide open to relocation. Servicing biomedical instrumentation since 6/11. His employer has been downsizing and they are beginning to cut back on hours worked. Although his training is all OJT, he comes across as being very good technically and has a good amount of hands-on service experience. Has also been going for his Masters, and expects to complete this by 5/16.

Adel-Lawrence Associates, Inc. • 21 Avalon Lane, Suite 124 • Aberdeen, NJ 07747
Phone: 732-566-4914 • Cell: 732-991-5442 • Email:

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