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Medical Technlogist - (02322112)

Min Salary: $52000.00
Candidate Type: Full Time
Listed Date: 2/10/2016
Degree: Bachelor of Science , Associate of Science MedT
ASCP Certified. Has a good chemistry and hematology background. She also has coagulation experience, but has not worked coag. for several years. Currently with Children's Hospital of Alabama since 12/2007, earning $55K. Prior to this she was with the Univ. of Alabama for 22 years. Open to travel and wants to utilize her lab expertise in a support position.

Adel-Lawrence Associates, Inc. • 21 Avalon Lane, Suite 124 • Aberdeen, NJ 07747
Phone: 732-566-4914 • Cell: 732-991-5442 • Email:

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